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It was our dream to build a home immersed in the tropical resort feeling in the city of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.

We had been looking for an elevated site for a long time and finally had a good chance to purchase land. It was four years ago when we met Mr. Peter Boronski, an architect who creates buildings in harmony with the land. After that, we saw his innovative and stylish design and thought that this was it - and we asked for our home design.

Prior to entering the project, Mr. Boronski asked about our lifestyle and our future lifestyle. We had many discussions as to incorporating flexibility in the floor planning, ensuring plenty of storage, durability of materials, etc. As a result Mr. Boronski produced design drawings that I could not have imagined! (and a miniature model!)

To the east there is a wall of glass viewing the bush and overlooking the city of Kyoto. The building has a natural and non-traditional appearance, a building like I have never encountered. Of course, it took two years before the house could be made, there were many meetings about the design. It took a long time however we are delighted with the outcome. Also, the after-care is excellent, and I am grateful for the prompt response to the detailed variations that I actually wanted to change.

At the beginning of the day we can see the sunrise from the east, the view is without interruption, the breeze passes freely, and tea time on the terrace where you can overlook the western sky in the evening is so charming.

The design fulfils our hope that we did not want to live in an ordinary house.

Previously it was only myself and my husband, but I appreciate the construction that can accommodate the expansion and refurbishment of the newly built 'children' s room.

A residence is a place to settle for a lifetime, but the preference of a person living there changes. We are happy to have met an architect who could accommodate our requests with such style.


atelier Boronski provided us with a complete turn key solution including: identifying and purchasing the lot, design and construction management. As tourists who don’t speak Japanese, he helped us through the whole process. The results is a “dream townhouse“ in the city of Kyoto. The process was quick, painless and the quality is superb. Peter Boronski is dedicated, doing above and beyond to ensure that the house met the highest specs. He also assisted with the interior design and the choice of landscape. We have been living now in the finished house for over a year and have only praise.

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