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A Soft Machine - (First Prize SD Review 2004) - The Twin-Skin House, Kobe

Last century Le Corbusier said the house is a Machine for Living in - but in the 21st century perhaps the house is a Soft Machine...

This residential design was commissioned for a steep site in Kobe.

The client had a very simple set of requests: An uncomplicated house with three bedrooms. a lot of sun and not too many walls.

So we proposed just a roof and a floor. Two skins to form an opening that swerves and wraps around itself to find a comfortable position on a difficult site. A continuous but undisciplined kind of aperture for living in, an irrational body called home.

One arrives at nothing ( just a view from the garage ) and enters by a side door. The roof and floor exchange roles, and the main volume is suspended by a (dis) array of supports. The internal regulations are minimal.

In this space the living is easy.

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