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New City Villa

After completing the client's dental clinic a few years earlier, atelier BORONSKI was commissioned to design their home + cafe on the adjacent corner site. The program also included three professional rooms and car-parking for the clinic.

The main criteria was a non-standard residential form, and separation of the commercial and the domestic, (both formally and acoustically).

The main (eastern) elevation shows the cafe and carpark, housed in a staggered and monolithic mass, with glazed cuts and angular protrusions. Facing south is the residential facade, with continuous vertical louvers over the garage and up to the broad second floor terrace. The timber curves of the entrance hall contrast with the white angles of the exterior, and the second floor lounge is spacious, white and open to the sun. The Japanese room contrasts this with it's low light levels and tatami, wood and washi finish. There is a direct connection from the adjacent clinic to the cafe, which acts as a second waiting room, and a comfortable alternative waiting space.

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